Our Atramat Sutures

Internacional Farmacéutica is a Mexican manufacturer of medical devices and owner of the Atramat® brand. Since 1969 the company has been producing high quality surgical products and is best known as one of the world’s largest supplier of surgical sutures.The sutures are characterized by high tensile strength and excellent needle quality.
The Quality Management System of Atramat Sutures meets the requirements of ISO 13485: 2016; have the Certifications under the MDSAP scheme (Medical Device Single Audit Program) and Good Manufacturing Practices issued by the Ministries of Health of Mexico (COFEPRIS) and Brazil (ANVISA). In addition, it complies with the standards of numerous regulatory jurisdictions, including the United States of America FDA and the Health Canada. Finally, the products have the CE mark that indicates that they comply with the regulations for medical devices of the European Union and have the approval by the FDA (510k).

Our Non Absorbable Sutures

Composed of: Aliphatic polyamide 6 or 6.6
Gradual loss of tensile strength over time.


Indicated for use in the approximation and / or ligatures of soft tissues, including general closure procedures, cuticular use and plastic surgery.

Composed by: Isotactic stereoisomer of polypropylene homopolymer.


Indicated in approximation and / or ligatures of soft tissue, recommended in cardiovascular surgery procedures such as: coronary revascularization, heart valve replacements (aortic, mitral and tricuspid),

Composed by: Acid Prepared Polyester Fibers Terephthalic or its Esters and Ethylene Glycol.
Coating: Silicone, Teflon.


Indicated for use in cardiovascular procedures such as: aortic, mitral and tricuspid heart valve replacements, as well as sternum closure.

Composed by: Fibroin (organic protein derived from the bombyx mori silkworm).
Coating: Silicone.


Indicated for approximation and or ligation of soft tissues including general closure procedures, ophthalmology, microsurgery, cardiovascular and neural tissue.

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